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Piano Blog

As professional piano movers, we’re handling more pianos in a week than some people in their lifetime. We’ve accumulated lots of knowledge about the right piano care, tips and tricks and also some wonderful piano stories. In our piano blog, you can inform yourself about what it means to own a piano, to maintain it and lots of other interesting pieces of information all about our favourite instrument. Have a look through our news & events as well!

What type of piano?

What type of piano do you have? We work with all kinds of pianos. At Piano Moves we are skilled and experienced in [...]

Piano Player in the Family

Piano Player in the Family Our family piano In it's current family, this Albert Fahr of Zeitz upright player piano has lived [...]

Piano Lessons in Melbourne

Piano Lessons in Melbourne Piano Moves is often asked about the best place to learn piano. In Melbourne, we recommend The Josh Cohen [...]

Grand Piano Moving

Grand Piano Moving We move Yamaha, Kawai, Steinbach, Beale and many more grand pianos! Grand Piano Moving Specialists Grand piano moving [...]

Local Area Piano Mover

Looking for a local area piano mover? Piano Moves has been a local area piano mover since the early 80's. Since then [...]

Fixed Price Piano Removals

Fixed Price Piano Removals Piano Moves offers fixed price piano removals. We promised there are: No hourly rates No heavy lifting fees Flexible payment options [...]

What to Expect in a Piano Move

Are you wondering what to expect in a piano move? Here's an overview of how Piano Moves takes care of things, from start to finish. [...]

Piano Placement and Care

Piano Placement and Care Taking Care of Your Valuable Investment Piano Moves can help you work out the best piano placement, [...]

Piano Maintenance Tips

Piano Maintenance Tips Have you inherited a piano, or bought one privately or second hand? Piano maintenance is an important part of caring [...]

storing a piano

Piano in Storage

Do you have visions of your children or grandchildren playing your piano one day?  Are you moving house, and need temporary  storage for your piano during the move? Perhaps your piano won’t fit into your current rental property? […]

piano owner

Owning a Piano

Owning a piano can be a challenge. Knowing the right people to call on, the right services to use, when to have your piano tuned, how to care for it and where to place it are just some of our customers concerns […]

queensland piano movers

Piano Moving Stories

Piano Moves  has been moving pianos for almost 35 years – so you can imagine the piano stories we’ve heard, the events we’ve been involved in and the customers we’ve worked with. We’ve had the pleasure of moving some pianos multiple times […]

specialists in moving pianos

Piano Specialists

Pianos should only ever be moved by piano specialists – even in your own home. A professional piano removalist understands that a piano is a delicate musical instrument containing thousands of moving parts. […]

experienced piano movers

Piano Moving Experience

In the 1980s we began with a vision to be “universally recognised as the number one piano moving company”. This vision is still our priority. Our piano moving experience has seen us transport more than 100,000 pianos across Victoria, Queensland […]

Melbourne piano movers

Piano Movers in Melbourne

However you describe what we do, Piano Moves currently transports more than 200 pianos every week across our Melbourne and Brisbane operations. We’ve been based in Melbourne since 1980, which means we’ve moved […]

piano movers in queensland

Piano Movers in Queensland

However you describe what we do at Piano Movers, the important thing is that we see your piano as ‘more than a piece of furniture’. It is a  delicate instrument with thousands of moving parts. Each piece need to be in perfect alignment […]

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