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Professional Tuning Preserves Piano Value

Professional piano tuning preserves piano condition. It is recommended every six months to ensure your instrument maintains its true value and sound quality. Piano Moves can arrange thorough, professional piano tuning in most suburbs. You don’t have to move with us to enjoy our professional piano tuning service.

Pitch Raise

For those pianos waiting for the next generation, or if you’re returning to a long lost passtime

If a piano has not been played or maintained for some time, it may require a pitch raise. A pitch raise is the process of raising the pitch of a piano to A-440 by tightening all strings to their correct average tension levels. A pitch raise may also be required if your piano is to be played with other instruments.

Our piano technician will discuss what is required before undertaking any work on your instrument. Here you can find our Piano Tuning Terms & Conditions.

Did you know?

  • Delaying piano tuning can affect your pianos value. We recommend having your piano tuned every six months so it maintains its true value and sound quality.
  • Tuning after a move is important We recommend you let your piano sit for a minimum of 48 hours after it has been moved to its new location then arrange to have it professionally tuned.
  • Atmosphere and environment can affect the tune of a piano. It is important to allow your piano to settles in its new atmosphere before you call the tuner.

Professional Tuning

Allow us to arrange professional tuning for your piano. Click 'contact' or call our friendly customer service team on 1300 553 592.

Complete our feedback form after we move or tune your piano and you will go into our monthly draw to win a complimentary piano tuning. Ask our team for more information.

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