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Owning a Piano

Piano Moves can help make owning a piano a great experience!

Owning a piano can be a challenge. Knowing the right people to call on, the right services to use, when to have your piano tuned, how to care for it and where to place it are just some of our customers concerns. Our team are happy to share information to make owning a piano a joy.

We’re able to provide specialist advice you need to keep your piano performing at its best. And our industry connections mean we can provide ‘value added’ services for the piano owner. Some of the questions we’re asked are about maintenance, restorations and repairs, the best place to position your instrument and who to go to for piano lessons. We’ve also put together this list of six reasons to choose a specialist piano mover to answer the most often asked questions from our piano moving customers. You can rely our team to offer the right help and advice about owning a piano.

For more information, call our friendly team on 1300 553 592 or 03 9580 7788 or send us an online enquiry.

Some of our Value-Added Services

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