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Piano Placement and Care

Taking Care of Your Valuable Investment

Piano Moves can help you work out the best piano placement, and can offer advice on how to care for your piano to keep it in great working condition. Your piano is a valuable investment – it makes sense to do all you can to keep it safe, protected and in its best condition. Placement and care is just one of the areas that Piano Moves can provide advice on to help you protect your treasure. Plus, we can refer you to our extended network for value-added services, such as piano repairs, piano restorations and piano tuning, if you require further assistance.

Read our short article for five tips on piano care here.

How to protect your piano

  • Position your piano on an internal wall if possible
  • Keep your piano away from areas of rising damp
  • Beware of silverfish, moths or mice infestation

Castor cups

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Are you are concerned about your floor  becoming damaged by your piano? We know they are heavy! Whether it is brand new carpet or polished floorboards we can can offer advice on the right floor protection to go under your piano’s feet or castors. Floor protectors (or castor cups) are a great option to protect your piano – without affecting its sound. Floor protectors like the ones pictured above can be purchased from Piano Moves. The cost is $15.00 for a set of four. Ask us about floor protection when you make your booking.