6 Reasons to Choose a Piano Specialist to Move Your Piano

Make sure that every time you move your piano from room to room, garage to house or to another location, all necessary protection is in place. Many removalists offer to move pianos even though they have no specialist knowledge and may break or damage your precious instrument during the relocation. We only move pianos (200 pianos a week!), so we’re true piano specialists. There are a couple of reasons why your piano should only be moved by piano specialists:

Welcoming a grand piano


We will move your piano on the day we promise. We will call to confirm the day before.



Specialist piano moving companies recognise the value of your instrument. They offer full insurance as part of the transport cost for your piano.



A specialist piano mover will use specialist equipment designed to keep your piano safe throughout the move. And will offer to assess the site first. This means they bring any equipment required.

Piano secured in truck


A piano specialist will transport your piano separately from other furniture on its own trolley. It will be carefully wrapped and secured to ensure paramount protection.



A piano specialist removal company will use professional staff. They will have completed specialist training in how to safely move your piano.

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Fixed quote

Piano Moves provides a fixed quote for the move. The price is all inclusive with no heavy lifting fees. A free assessment of your site can be arranged. A general furniture carrier may quote hourly rates, heavy lifting and travel surcharges.

Questions to Ask a Removalist Before You Book a Piano Move

  • Are you a piano moving specialist?

  • Are your removalists fully trained in moving pianos?

  • Do you use specific equipment designed to move pianos?

  • Will I receive a fixed quote for the move?

  • What happens if you can’t move my piano?

  • Do you have piano-specific insurance coverage?