types of pianos

What type of piano do you have?

We work with all kinds of pianos.

At Piano Moves we are skilled and experienced in moving the full range of piano styles including Pianolas, Upright Grand Pianos, Upright Piano or Grand Piano. We have been moving major piano brands – including Yamaha, Kawai, George Steck, Richard Lipps, Steinbach, Samick, Bernstein, Beale – since 1980. Our experience includes moving pianos for many of Australia’s music retailers, major venues and professional musicians from around the world.

Did you know, regardless of the type or brand of piano, it has more than 4,500 moving parts?

That’s why we take care to ensure we use equipment designed for the job. We provide full comprehensive insurance for the move, and our professional team are trained to move different types of pianos.


Image of pianola

Pianolas have an internal mechanism that allows them to play paper rolls of music without a pianist. You can usually determine if you have a Pianola because you can see paper rolls  through an opening at the front of the piano.  A Pianola is referred to as an Ex-Player if the paper roll mechanism has been removed. Pianolas and Ex-Players are larger than Uprights and usually weigh over 300kg.

Upright piano

Image of upright piano

Upright pianos are more compact than a grand piano because the frame and the strings sit vertically. Uprights are sometimes called a ‘vertical piano’.

Upright grand piano

Image of an upright grand

You will be able to identify an Upright Grand if the top section above the keyboard is longer or taller than the section below the keyboard. Upright Grand pianos are larger and heavier than other uprights, usually standing over 140cm tall.

Grand piano

Image of a grand piano

A grand piano has the strings arranged horizontally and has three legs. Grand pianos comes in three sizes – baby grand (about 5ft long) , boudoir grand (5-6ft long), concert grand (9 feet long) and upright grand. Concert grand pianos have the volume, tone and timbre appropriate for use in a concert or venue setting. Piano Moves is experienced in moving all types of grand piano.