Family Treasure – Heirloom Piano

Learning to play piano on a family treasure

This family treasure is an heirloom piano, passed down through generations. A beautiful baby grand, it was once owned by Mr Alick Watkins (pictured above with his daughter Wendy and his sister-in-law Diana Goller). The piano lived in his home in Cole Street, Brighton for many years until his death in 1991. It lived a relatively quiet life in Mr Watkin’s grandson’s home – where sport rather than music lessons were the hobby of choice.

That was, until recently!

Mr Watkin’s great grandson, Thomas Moore, has a superb ear for music according to his music teacher. Alongside his lessons, his mum Phoebe explains, “Thomas has been teaching himself songs he hears on television advertisements,”

She tells us the piano Thomas had been learning on was an old upright – which was becoming more and more difficult to keep in tune. But, with this family treasure now in their home,  Thomas can enjoying practicing for his next piano concert on his great grandfathers baby grand.

 “We are so pleased to have my grandfathers baby grand in our home,” Phoebe said, “it holds so many memories!”

The whole process was absolutely brilliant – from the recommendations that were unanimous with recommending ‘piano moves’, to the phone contact through to the actual muscle men that made it look so easy. I was very impressed and very glad I listened to all the personal recommendations to move my late grandfather’s baby grand piano that holds so many memories.

Phoebe, Viewbank