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The Professional Piano Movers

Whether it’s room to room, across the state or nationwide: We handle every piano with the care it deserves.

Piano Moves are professional piano movers. In business since 1980, we currently transport more than 200 pianos every week. Moving this number of pianos means we’re one of Australia’s most trusted and experienced pianos transport companies. We move pianos for Australia’s premier venues and piano lovers alike across Melbourne and Brisbane – we also provide a full service throughout country Victoria and South East Queensland and interstate. Check out our upcoming regional runs for special rates.

Our specialist team relocates the full range of pianos: upright pianos, grand pianos, baby grand pianos, player pianos and pianolas. Whether it’s room to room, suburb to suburb, state to state and even overseas you can trust our friendly team to handle your piano with the care it deserves.

Piano Moves can transport your piano, arrange professional piano tuning, co-ordinate piano maintenance and repairs and provide safe and secure short-term or long-term piano storage. Plus we hire a full range of upright and grand pianos for concerts, functions and events.

At Piano Moves, we make the process easy for our customers

We arrange stress-free piano moving for our clients, including some of Australia’s premier venues, music retailers and musicians. The Piano Moves customer service team is on hand during business hours to take your call. We can provide you with an instant fixed quote and book your piano relocation in (usually within the week). Or, if you prefer, we can organise a free site assessment. This is especially handy for tricky moves.

While moving pianos is our core business, it’s not the only thing we think about! We also care about music education and bringing music into people’s lives. Our industry connections mean we can connect you to a full range of value added services – music teachers, piano teachers, major venues, music promoters, event managers, pianists and international artists, along with everything you need to keep your piano sounding fantastic.

Contact our friendly team for all of your piano related needs or call 1300 553 592.


What we do

  • Organise stress-free piano transport using a well trained, professional team.
  • Arrange value-added services for our customers – professional tuning, instrument advice, maintenance, repairs and restorations.
  • Provide piano-only secure storage in our alarm-monitored Brisbane and Melbourne warehouses.
  • Hire a range of upright and grand pianos on short and long term hire in Brisbane and Melbourne.
  • Liaise every day with musicians, promoters, brides-to-be and event managers to organise piano entertainment for the enjoyment of their guests.
  • Are experts with “Queenslander” properties, upstairs apartments, steep driveways, multiple stairways and other difficult access locations.
  • Work with major music retailers such as Allan’s Billy Hyde and Ellaways Music to handle their stock and piano deliveries.
  • Are the piano mover of choice for venues including the Arts Centre Melbourne and The Queensland Conservatorium.

Australia's major venues, music stores, professional musicians and teachers trust us: