Piano Player in the Family

Our family piano

In it’s current family, this Albert Fahr of Zeitz upright player piano has lived in Croydon, Box Hill, East Ringwood, Fitzroy, Brighton, Oakleigh and East St Kilda.

The Pianola has lived with in our family since the late 1970s, but was built in the early 1900s. Mum learnt to play when we were young, and we were all encouraged to tinker on it as children. My sister learnt to play by ear on this piano before she could read music. I was never quite coordinated enough to play with two hands, but was encouraged to take piano lessons before I was allowed to learn another instrument.

The family piano is now at home in Caulfied South with my sister and her own two girls who are already experiencing the joy of making music on a piano.

Unfortunately the bellows are broken, which means it doesn’t operate as a player piano any more, but it still sounds beautiful when the keys are played.


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